Do You Need a College Degree to Pursue a Career Path in Interior Design?


To answer the title question – no, you don’t need a college degree to pursue a career as an interior designer. However, you will get higher pay, better perks, and could have a more reliable reputation as an interior designer if you had a college degree to showcase.

With that in mind, this article covers the many skillsets you need for interior design work.

Side note: Keep in mind that even a little college could help, degree or not. Something like graphic design programs in North Carolina, where you learn how to craft your designs via computers, could help you further your desired career as an interior designer.

You Need a Firm Grasp of Color Psychology

Color psychology is the understanding of how expressive and symbolic colors can be in varying shades and tones. Red, for instance, often represents passion and desire in deep tones. However, lighter shades of red, such as blush pink, could symbolize innocence and flirtation.

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Think of your favorite color. What does it represent? When you have a firm grasp on color psychology, you will be able to automatically rattle off what your favorite color means.

You Need Excellent Comprehension of Safety and Placement

Placing a low shelf over a bed is dangerous because that shelf could fall on a sleeping person. There are dozens of dangerous mistakes that could be made in interior design, and you have to be attentive to all of them.

You Need In-Depth Know-How on Air Flow and Ventilation Throughout a Room

Good interior designers know that the best rooms provide steady, refreshing airflow and proper ventilation. You wouldn’t put a kitchen in a room without a window, for instance.

Interior design might seem like a “common sense” career that anyone could do, but that’s simply not true. Interior designers are masters of their crafts. Ergo, it’s important to acquire and hone the right skillsets to pursue interior design as a viable career.